Unpaved Roads Bormio

06,07 July 2024
Registrations from May 13th
Limited spots

Have you ever considered cycling through the Alpine Arc with your gravel bike?

With Unpaved Roads Bormio, you now have this opportunity. We have managed to create an epic high mountain route with an elevation gain accessible to everyone (below you will find all the technical details).

It will be an exciting and rejuvenating adventure for you, immersed in nature, without technical routes and any competitive spirit. We are indeed proud to carry forward the "no race" spirit in every aspect of what we do..

You will be greeted by majestic mountain panoramas that stretch to the horizon, with snow-capped peaks shimmering under the sun. Perfectly surfaced gravel roads wind through forests, blooming meadows, and streams.

The best part of all this? You'll be doing it alongside hundreds of enthusiasts like you!

However, be aware, the gravel weekend we've planned for you isn't just about cycling. We will give you ample opportunity to fully enjoy the Bormio area through its culinary and cultural specialties such as pizzoccheri and thermal baths.

In short, get ready for a weekend where you can disconnect and recharge.

All this could be your next gravel adventure, starting in Bormio on the 6th and 7th of July. Registrations will open on the 13th of May, mark this date to avoid missing out (limited spots).

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You can choose between 2 routes, a longer one and a shorter one, depending on your training level. And if you don't feel very prepared but still want to take on this adventure, know that e-bikes are welcome with us.

Get ready to breathe fresh and clean air, with a scent of fir and moist earth that enhances the sense of connection with nature. You'll be accompanied by the sound of the wind blowing through the trees and the water flowing in the streams; if you're lucky, you might spot wild animals like marmots, eagles, or ibexes.

Just like you, we enjoy cycling with our heads up to enjoy the spectacle of nature. For this reason, the routes have been carefully designed to be truly gravel. We want to emphasize that you will never find yourself in difficulty on technical and challenging sections. 

Don't have a gravel bike but you are a lover of dirt roads? No problem, because you can come with your MTB without any issue. Or, you can rely on us to direct you to a high-quality bike rental.

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If you don't know us, you should know that every year we welcome thousands of gravel enthusiasts from not only all over Italy but also from abroad.

You will find a warm and friendly atmosphere made possible by our "no race" approach which is also reflected in the people who participate in Unpaved Roads. So don't worry, here you won't find the typical competition of other gravel events, but a relaxed environment where smiling and sharing are the main ingredients.

Here, age and gender make no difference: what matters is the passion for gravel roads, that feeling of freedom that only pedaling can offer. You will be welcomed into a diverse group of people, where you will immediately feel at home. Between old friends meeting up and new acquaintances forming during the event, you will immediately feel like you are part of our community.

Unpaved Roads is the perfect opportunity to expand your circle of friends: as you pedal alongside strangers who become adventure companions, you will discover how easy it is to become part of the group.

Upon returning home, in addition to the satisfaction of the routes cycled and the landscapes admired, you will take with you an even greater treasure: inner enrichment. The laughter, new and old friends and moments spent with other cyclists will make you feel part of an extended family, the big Unpaved Roads family.


The people who participate in our events know well that this is not just a simple ride, Unpaved Roads means experiencing an intense weekend of 360° emotions. We have organized a weekend for you that will surprise you from many points of view.

We will welcome you to Bormio, in the heart of Alta Valtellina, where you can admire the charm of the high mountains in a place that is a jewel set in the Alps.

A place where you can relax (or let the person accompanying you relax) in the warm open-air thermal waters or where you can delight your palate thanks to gastronomy rich in authentic flavors.

But don't worry, we've thought of everything, you just have to let yourself be guided to discover this corner of paradise. Below is how the event will take place.

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Those who choose to arrive on Saturday will immediately be able to get on their bikes and ride the bonus track we have created. It will be a "social ride" to start getting to know the area and the other participants.

From 5 pm there will be registration of members and collection of the rich event package with typical local products and everything needed to participate, such as the exclusive Unpaved Roads Bormio cap. It will be the perfect opportunity to meet other participants and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the event.

The welcome aperitif will make Saturday even more convivial. It will be an opportunity to make new friends and visit the stands of our sponsors.

At the end there will be the famous lottery draw! You will have the chance to win fantastic prizes offered by our sponsors such as helmets, GPS and clothing and make your weekend even more special.


Even on Sunday morning, it will be possible to register and collect the event package. Then there will be the group departure and everyone will be able to decide whether to pedal on the "long route" or take the "short route".

During the ride, you will have the opportunity to eat thanks to the refreshments that we have organized for you in panoramic and strategic places for the kilometers and altitude traveled.

At the end, you can sit with your friends at the final refreshment point and eat typical local products. Toilets and showers are available.


Before describing the route we have prepared in detail, we want to let you know that it is the result of a deep commitment and close collaboration with local riders, with attention to the smallest details to offer you an unprecedented gravel experience.

Imagine cycling through postcard scenarios, where nature expresses itself in all its pristine splendor: this is Unpaved Roads Bormio. We have selected the best dirt roads, those that guarantee a true gravel experience, safe and unforgettable.

The route takes you to the heart of the Stelvio National Park, a natural jewel where animals and plants show themselves in all their wonderful diversity. During the journey, you will immerse yourself in very different places ranging from bare mountains, through coniferous forests to alpine meadows.

If you are lucky you may also spot some wild animals that live in these places. These areas are inhabited by ibex, chamois, deer, golden eagles and marmots. And then there is Lake Cancano, fed by the crystal clear waters of the melting snowfields. The lake is located in a context of rare beauty, surrounded by the majestic peaks of the Alps.

In short, by participating in Unpaved Roads Bormio you will find yourself cycling in the middle of some of the most spectacular mountain landscapes in Italy, with peaks exceeding 3,000 meters, imposing glaciers and enchanting valleys, all from the unique perspective of your bicycle together with hundreds of other enthusiasts like you.

Registration opens May 13th with limited spots

Registration includes::



We believe that cycling offers much more than just competitive competition. For this reason, we want to let you know that our event does not have a final ranking.

If you are looking for a Gravel event to try to finish first, Unpaved Roads is certainly not the event for you.

Our mission is to offer something different.

If, however, you are looking for an experience that allows you to raise your head, admire breathtaking views and share your love for cycling with a community of enthusiasts, you are in the right place.

We believe that the bicycle is a means of discovery, exploration, escape from the daily routine, friendship and freedom.

Precisely for this reason we created Unpaved Roads, an event that offers you the opportunity to ride along the most spectacular Gravel roads, surrounded by hundreds of other enthusiasts like you.

Unpaved Roads is much more than just a race. It is an invitation to fully experience the adventure, create special connections and enjoy every single moment on your bike.


Behind the name “Unpaved Roads” lies much more than just a series of gravel events. We are people like you, passionate about cycling, who have decided to commit ourselves to those who love cycling.

For us it is essential to enhance the territories in which our events take place, creating unique itineraries capable of surprising you. Each route is the result of careful planning, studied down to the smallest detail to offer you an exceptional experience while riding your bicycle.

But we don't just stop at creating routes. We collaborate closely with local people, promoting local activities and specialties. We want you to experience unique sensations and emotions, immersing yourself in the authenticity of the local communities and the beauty of their landscapes.


During the event, we will not be mere spectators. We will be there with you, ride after ride, to capture your best moments and make them eternal.

Our photographers and videomakers will be present along the entire route, ready to immortalize your passion, determination and enthusiasm when you are in the saddle. It will be your smiles, the challenges overcome and the breathtaking landscapes that come to life through our images.

But it doesn't end here! We won't just take photos, but we will also be ready to collect your emotions and stories. We will do interviews to capture your experiences, your thoughts and your passion for gravel cycling. We want to give voice to your adventure and share it with those who were not lucky enough to participate.

These precious memories will be shared with all event participants. You will have the opportunity to relive those magical moments and share your adventures with friends, family and gravel cycling enthusiasts from around the world. It will be a collective testimony of passion, determination and love for cycling.


Medical Certificate

For all participants it is MANDATORY to present the medical certificate to the organization.

The accepted certificates are (1 or 2):
1. Certificate of suitability to practice sporting activities of particular and high cardiovascular commitment. You can find the model here.
2. Competitive Medical Certificate for Cycling.

The medical certificate must expire after July 7 2024 and must be uploaded to your user area on bikeadventureseries.com.

If the medical certificate is not compliant, it will be rejected and the member will have to send a new compliant one within the established timeframe.

Anyone who does not comply with this requirement will not be considered regularly registered and is not entitled to a refund of the registration fee.

Each participant must declare according to the Presidential Decree. n. 445 of 28 December 2000 that the documents forwarded by him are truthful and correspond to the originals in his possession.

The medical certificate must be uploaded to the user profile by the 15th of June 2024

Why do I have to present the medical certificate if it is not a competition?

Even though Unpaved Roads is not a race, the presentation of a medical certificate is still required to participate in the event. This requirement is standard for participation in any sporting event and is aimed at ensuring the safety and health of all participants.

Furthermore, the medical certificate offers the opportunity to check your health condition before embarking on a cycling experience such as Unpaved Roads. You can find further information on the procedure for submitting the medical certificate in the dedicated section.

How to participate in the Unpaved Roads Bormio?

Registration for the Unpaved Roads Bormio will open on May 13th at noon. To register, simply follow Bike Adventure Series’s online registration process. Entries are limited in number.

Can I register a friend?

Each participant must have an associated user profile to be able to upload the certificate and access all the news on the Bike Adventure Series portal, which we will reveal little by little. So you CANNOT directly register a friend or add two products to your cart, as you must have all the required data at the time of registration.

If you want to register a friend, make sure you have all their details and create a user profile with their email address. This is very important for the management not only of the certificate but also of all the news that we will communicate to you.

NOTE: Each participant must have a unique user profile, but payment can be made from the same source. Therefore, you can correctly fill in the fields for him, by entering his email address, but you can make the payment with your card or PayPal.

What happens after registration?

Once you have completed registration and made payment, you will automatically receive an order confirmation email. We advise you to keep an eye on your spam folder because the email could end up there.

If you do not receive the order notification email, don't worry, the PayPal or credit card payment receipt will constitute confirmation of registration.

For any problem, contact the organization via email at: [email protected]. IMPORTANT: Save the address [email protected] among your contacts to prevent emails from ending up in spam. We can't track who receives emails. The next official communication will be sent via email in the week following the registration closing date.

When will I receive the digital guide?

The digital guide is a precious document that contains all the information that every participant needs to know about the event. This detailed document includes the starting location with the relevant pin on Google Maps, the times of the event and activities, a description of the routes, the provisional and definitive tracks, the discounts offered by the sponsors, the overnight stay agreements (if applicable), and so on.

You will receive the digital guide in the week following the closing of registration for the event.

The guide will be sent via a link, meaning you will have access to all updates and communications in real time. We strongly recommend that you read the guide carefully, as all the information you need will be contained within. Typically, we send two emails to attendees before the event, titled 'Official Communication No. 1' and 'Official Communication n. 2'. Additionally, we typically make a social media post to inform attendees. If you do not receive the emails, please contact the organization. However, don't worry, as all the most important information will be available in the digital guide.

When will I receive the route?

The routes are contained within the digital guide. In the beginning, you will receive provisional tracks, which will be useful for studying the route in detail.

Initially, the tracks will be sent via the Komoot link, one of the best applications on the market, which will allow you to examine the characteristics of the routes, such as climbs and descents, among other things.

A week before the event, in the digital guide, you will find the link to download the definitive tracks in .gpx format, which you can then insert into your GPS navigators. All this information will be available in the digital guide.

How can I understand if I will be able to face the route?

To understand if you are ready to tackle one of our routes, keep these indications in mind:

Distance and Altitude: Inside the site, you will find information on the total kilometers of the route and the difference in altitude. This data will give you an idea of the length and difficulty of the route. Carefully consider whether you are ready to face such a challenge based on your experience.

Cycling Experience: Although our routes are designed to suit expert and beginner cyclists, it is advisable to have some experience riding on dirt roads. If you're a beginner, you may want to start with an easier path to gain confidence.

Technical Sections: Carefully read the description of the route provided by the digital guide and the Komoot links. Any technical or difficult sections will be highlighted. If you encounter a section that exceeds your capabilities, don't worry, you can always get off the bike and continue on foot. There is no judgment or shame in this.

Planning: Make sure you are well prepared. Make sure you have the right clothing for the weather conditions, enough food and water, and a bicycle in good condition. Careful planning is essential for a successful day.

Safe Driving: Remember that Unpaved Roads is not a competition. Don't take excessive risks. If at any time you feel unsafe or unsafe on any part of the route, don't hesitate to get off your bike and continue on foot. Your safety is the main priority.

In conclusion, carefully evaluate these aspects and come and have fun at Unpaved Roads where you will not find any competitive anxiety. The main goal is to enjoy cycling and adventure in nature. Don't be afraid to take a conservative approach and adapt the route to your needs. Your safety first.

With what type of bike is it possible to participate?

The Unpaved Roads was designed and developed for lovers of gravel roads. The gravel bicycle is the most suitable to participate but all types of off-road bicycles are allowed, including gravel, mountain bikes (MTB) and electric mountain bicycles (e-MTB). If you have a road bike, this is not suitable for the event routes. If you have any doubts, do not hesitate to contact the organization

Registration has already closed, is there a chance to still participate?

If registration has already been closed, there is no way you can participate in Unpaved Roads. That is why we encourage you to meet the registration timeline.

I am registered but I am unable to participate, can you send me the event pack?

The event package must be collected in person during the times specified in the digital event guide. We do not ship event packages. We invite you to follow the instructions provided in the digital guide to collect your pack and participate in the event.

Can the event pack be collected by another person?

Yes, another person can collect the event pack for you, but a specific procedure must be followed.

Before collecting, contact the event organizers via email to let them know that you would like to authorize another person to collect the pack for you. Furthermore, you must present a written and signed proxy and the identity document of the person for whom you are making the collection.

These documents (signed delegation and photocopy of the document) must be delivered directly when collecting the event pack. Be sure to carefully follow the instructions provided by the organizers to ensure a hassle-free pick-up.

I am registered; how will I follow the route?

All participants will be provided with GPS tracks of the three routes (long and short). Each participant can then properly follow the route with their own GPS device or smartphone app.

I am registered but cannot participate. Is there a refund?

As per the regulations that you must compulsorily read before registering, there is no refund/ partial refund/ shifting of registration to the following year/ transfer of one's registration to another person.

Will I find refreshments points along the route?

All participants will enjoy the welcome drink.

There will be 2 refreshments on the route (1 on the short course) during the event.

At the event’s end, everyone can participate in the final refreshment.

May I ride an e-bike?

Unpaved Roads is an event open to e-bikes.

What do I need to bring?

All participants must have mechanical breakdown equipment such as an inner tube, pump, tire chaser and first aid kit.

All participants should have appropriate clothing depending on the weather conditions.

There will be no broom service during the event.

Will I find mechanical assistance along the way?

Unpaved Roads is an adventure experience, and in keeping with its spirit, you won't find any mechanical assistance along the way.

It is each participant's responsibility to be self-sufficient and to carry a repair kit to address any mechanical issues during the trip.

This is part of the adventure and helps make the experience even more rewarding. Prepare properly, know your bike and how to make basic repairs, so you can deal with any unexpected events that may arise along the way.

Challenge and autonomy are an integral part of Unpaved Roads.

Can I rent a bicycle?

All participants will receive a list of shops, contained within the digital guide, where they can request a rental bicycle.

Cancellation or shifting of the event

Cancellation - If, for reasons of force majeure that do not depend on the organization but on environmental and/or health causes at the national or international level, the event cannot take place, the amount paid at the time of registration will not be refunded but will be considered valid for the next edition. However, for those who should register for the next edition free of charge, the organization will be entitled to a contribution of secretarial fees and renewal of the sports card.

Shifting - In addition, due to force majeure or other serious reasons, which would jeopardize the preparation of the event or the participation in it by several people not less than half of those registered, the Organization reserves the right to move the place and/or date of the event within the same calendar year. In this case, the fee paid for registration will be valid for the event on the rescheduled date at no additional cost to those registered. Movement of registration to the following year's edition is not possible in this case.

The event will also be held in case of bad weather, subject to the abovementioned provisions.


Write an email to [email protected] or chat with us on WhatsApp.

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We are proudly part of the Bike Adventure Series, the European series of gravel and bikepacking events that promotes the “no race” concept.

Why did we want to join? Because it's not enough for us to make memorable gravel events, that's never been our main goal. Since we started Unpaved Roads, there was something more meaningful we wanted to do.

We want to carry forward a philosophy that combines a passion for dirt roads and an exploratory approach that does not consider competition, inviting each participant to overcome their limits and discover new places

The bicycle becomes something more than just a vehicle. Instead, it turns into a tool for living new experiences and seeing places never seen before, igniting that spark of adventure that each of us carries within us.

When we had Unpaved Roads in our head, we were thinking about all this because this is what has happened to us over the years. 

For us, cycling did not simply mean tens of thousands of kilometers traveled, but also incredible personal enrichment from many points of view. People met, places visited, experiences shared, joys, new friends and much more.

For us, this is what makes a gravel event truly memorable and worth experiencing.

Within the Bike Adventure Series, we found exactly this same spirit and therefore we didn't hesitate for a moment to join.

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